8 Must-have Tools for Every Homeowner

Must-have Tools for Every HomeownerSmall tools are essential for every house. You need not take up big DIY home improvement projects for using them. They are handy even for small repairs and other emergencies. Here are a few such essential tools which every homeowner should have.

1. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are extremely useful for simple jobs such as tightening a knob or changing a switch plate. Get a variety of them, including Pozidriv, slotted, Philips etc or get one with interchangeable heads.


2. Hammers

Only a pair of hammers is sufficient to start your tool collection. One should be light and the other should be heavy. A rule of thumb is that the hammer’s size should match the nail’s size. The larger the nail, the more heavyweight the hammer should be. A pin hammer is a light hammer which can drive in small clasps like panel pins and tacks.


 3. Drill and Drill Bits

A battery-powered, multipurpose drill and driver is useful for a number of tasks. Also buy a set of drill bits with a good range of slotted, Philips-head and square-drive bits in various sizes so that you will be well-prepared for any repair jobs coming your way.

 Drill and Drill Bits

 4. Adjustable Crescent Wrench

When it comes to collecting wrenches, you perhaps need not have a full set of them, but only a couple of adjustable ones because their jaws can be adjusted according to various sizes of nuts and bolts. Some of these wrenches are self-ratcheting which means that they need not be removed from the bolt to tighten it.

 Adjustable Crescent Wrenches

 5. Hacksaw

Your toolbox should contain at least one cutting tool, larger than a utility knife. A nice, all-purpose hacksaw can cut metal and plastic pipes, conduit, tubing, wood, threaded rods, bolts and brackets. For larger jobs, like cutting trees, use a chainsaw. Hacksaws are just not up to this task. A trusted source for inexpensive chainsaws is Chainsaw Larry’s best cheap chainsaw reviews. It pays to be prepared for all types of cutting jobs at home.


6. Measuring Tape

A lockable, retractable measuring tape is a small tool with hordes of uses. It’s useful while measuring the lengths of curtains, furniture, hanging artwork, rugs and so on. Get also one that is at least 25’ which will be useful whenever you will need to measure your room’s length and width or take your yard’s measurement.

 Measuring Tape

 7. Extension Cord

An electrical extension cord can be a lifesaver, whenever there is an outdoor party and also for working in a corner of the house away from an electrical outlet.

 Extension Cord

8. A Range of Hardware

Keeping nails and screws of various sizes at hand is a good idea. Keep them assorted in a box with compartments based on their various types and sizes.

nails and screws

Keep your toolbox ready with these all-time useful tools and enjoy doing small jobs in your home on your own.

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