7 Definite Signs to Show You that You Need a Roof Repair

Iron Green Roof by roofsealAll the exterior parts of your home are exposed to the elements and so, regularly undergo wear and tear about which you should be careful. One of the most important exterior parts of your home is your roof. Since it saves you, your family and valuables from the harshness of weather elements, you should try to keep your roof in the best condition possible. For this, it’s necessary to identify the signs of roof’s wear and tear on time so that you can repair it on time avoiding further damage. Here are a few such signs.

1. Inspect the Inside

To start with, you can carefully check the roof from the inside by looking from the roof cavity or climbing up in the attic. Do you see any dark spots? These are the signs of water damage and leakage. Do you see light entering through the roof? If it’s only one area that has been damaged, you may need just a simple roof repair. However, if the damage is spread to multiple areas, you may need the restoration of the whole roof. But don’t worry; a roof restoration expert can easily do the job for you.

2. Inspect the Outside

If your roof is high, you may have to climb it up using a ladder. Some pointers you should look for are:

  • Loosened or worn material around the pipes, vents, chimney and other areas where the roof has been pierced and sealed
  • Check for signs of rot, mould and moisture
  • Check roof valleys to see if there are signs of wear
  • If your roof has shingles, check if they are worn or curled
  • If your gutters contain granules of shingles, your shingles may have to be replaced
  • Check downpipes and gutters for any signs of damage or wear

DOWNPIPES  by roofseal

3. Flashing

You will find flashing made of cement or tar in older homes. In that case, you should look for any breaks, cracks and worn out spots. Maybe your home needs all its flashing substituted with modern metal so as to avoid leaks.

cement roof by roofseal

4. What is the Age of Your Roof?

As a rule of thumb, a roof lasts from 20 to 25 years. If at present, your roof needs repairs from time to time, you may need to restore or replace it. Be sure you keep an eye on your roof’s age.

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5. Sags

If there is a sagging spot in your roof, it will look off-centre, like a hollow, just as how you would imagine a ‘sag’ to look. But sagging is not just unsightly to look at, but also a definite sign of damage. Most probably you have to replace your roof in case of a sag; but it’s definite that you should call professionals.

6. Corrosion

Signs of corrosion can be found around your gutters and any spot on your roof which is close to metal, on the inner as well as outer side. Is paint around a spot seen flaking? If it is, it’s a sign of corrosion. In that case, you should replace the corroded fittings and fasteners. Still if you see signs of damage, you should get your roof examined professionally.

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7. Tiled Roofs

A good point about tiled roofs is that they hardly need to be fully restored or replaced. However, if you neglect replacing tiles, water will make its way in and will cause the timber supporting your roof to rot. Therefore you have to be vigilant about broken or cracked tiles, and if you find them, you should replace them promptly.

Keep looking for these signs on your roof and you can get the necessary roof repair done on time and save yourself from further larger expenses and stress.

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