3 Excellent Ways to Make Your Home Stress-proof

making your home stress-freeAlthough most work, social and family commitments are fun-filled and pleasing, at times, there’s nothing better than sitting back and relaxing in the comfort of your own home – completely stress-free. If the house is one place where we can relax and take some time out of the daily stress, then it should be designed in a particular way.

Ever wonder why do some homes feel so relaxing than others? Stress is often caused by clutter and bad organisation. Here are a few simple ways to create serenity in your abode.

1. Organise daily chores

The first level of organisation should be achieved in our day to day routine. Organising the payment of bills, monthly expenses, grocery etc. may require some investment of time. Jot down your routine tasks for a month and analyse them to plan out the next few days. Invest in a chart or a use your smart phone to allot tasks for all the days. Another type of clutter comes from bills like mails, brochures, magazines and newspapers. Try to divert bill payments through online services. Use your mobile to keep track of emails and appointments. The phone saves the trouble of carrying a laptop or numerous paper files.

2. Divide the work

Stress can skyrocket in a home when one person feels he or she has to do all tasks. So you need to find efficient ways to organise and divide the work. Many people suffer from a new age ailment called hurry sickness. Dividing your chores into the smaller task and assigning time to these will make you efficient. Instil it in your family especially your kids the right attitude about cleaning. If you have children in the house allot them separate baskets for their toys, books and clothes. This will save you the trouble of clearing up after their mess.

3. The golden rule

Apply one golden rule to your home; if you bring anything new into the home remove something old immediately. When you’re getting rid of your old or used things, you have a couple of options. In fact, you can dispose of things, but if something is in a pretty good condition you can even sell it or donate it to the needy.

Without careful management, the day’s frustration and conflicts at work, with relatives or colleagues can be carried to home and leads to more stress. Learn to provide the transition from outside to inside the house. For example, play your favourite music, chat with family, and unwind a little before dinner.

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