Top Tips to Tame Your Kitchen Clutter

Clutter isn’t just unattractive; it also adds time to tasks. If you can’t find your salt and pepper because your spice cabinet is jammed with everything from vitamins to mugs made by your six-year-old, it’s taking you longer to make dinner than you thought. Allocate one or two fifteen-to-twenty minute windows to de-clutter and organize your kitchen.

Here are some tips to de-clutter your kitchen.

• Start by putting your most-used pots and pans on racks. These are simple wooden or metal bars with hooks that attach to your kitchen ceiling or wall. The holes on your pot or pan handles can be used to hang the same on the hooks. Just like that, you’ve cleared out a good chunk of clutter from your cabinet and positioned your pots and pans for easy access.
• Make a salad every night for dinner? Then keep the whole kit (salad spinner, salad bowl, and serving pieces) together so you don’t have to spend time pulling it all from different cabinets and drawers each night. Either throw those coupons that are floating around or arrange them properly in a cute organizer like this one that you can take with you wherever you go.
• Neatly wipe down the table and sweep the floor after every meal. To keep from getting ants, this step is very important with an infant in the house. Though, it might not be such a clear step if the people dining at your table aren’t in the habit of dropping half their food on the dining table and floor. Entirely cleaning off the table after every meal makes it a convivial space for the next meal or whatever other use you need. This is also a great thing to do after every alternate use, too.
• Store small implements in drawers closest to where they’ll get used. Put all the prep items (lemon press, measuring spoons) into a drawer in the kitchen island and all the cooking items (spatulas, tongs, basting brush) into one by the stove. Bamboo dividers keep things organized.
• Consider putting non-perishables you use frequently into glass jars – pretty & functional. Like dry fruits, pasta, and your parmesan cheese.
• If you’ve got limited counter space, don’t overlook the walls. Hang a rod between the shelf and countertops and use it to hang measuring cups and spoons and other kitchen utensils. Organize all of your spices in a drawer using a flexible drawer. It will help the overall look of your kitchen.

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