Little Ways to Refresh Your Living Room

We all need to change something in our environment from time to time. Would you like to refresh your living room, to make it more welcoming, more relaxing or simply more beautiful? If your answer is positive, I have good news for you; you can update your living room without a major, costly renovation. I’ve asked experienced Denver Interior Designer experts to share some tips on inexpensively freshening the look of the living area. Here’s what I’ve found out!

Neutral hues can give your living room a quick update. You could paint your walls in new, but still neutral shades over a weekend. Why opt neutral palette? The reason is simple; they give you more flexibility when it comes to decoration. Even if you don’t want to make any changes in the (nearest) future, neutral hues won’t clash with your present furniture and accessories. Still, your living room will look updated, cleaner and overall better.

Choose a special piece or feature that will help you shape the coloring and theme of artwork or accessories you should add to your living room. For instance, that could be your beautiful Persian rug on the floor or a bold artwork on the wall. If there’s a fireplace in your living room, consider it as a focal point and add family photos, carvings and similar items around it. If you don’t want a total makeover but an effective update, you should allow a beautiful elements you’ve already possess to inspire you.

Although you should go for neutral hues when painting your walls (not necessarily, but it’s more recommended if you don’t want to invest a lot in a renovation), you should add a touch of color to your living room. For instance, add colorful curtains and/or bright cushions to enhance the appearance and create more welcoming atmosphere in the living area. You could buy or grow some plants to add color and brighten your place too.

Finally, consider adding or changing the lighting in your living room. It’s an easy, but very effective way to refresh any space. You could, at least, change the shades on existing lamps to make your living room look warmer or more cheerful.

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