3 Factors to Consider while Painting Your Home

painting companies in New York CityIf you want to make your home look new without breaking a bank, there is a simple solution – get it painted! Paint brings in fresh air, eliminates dirt and dust and creates a feel of cleanliness and newness. Although any paint can bring these effects to your home, there are some factors to consider while choosing the paint and that will help you make the most of your painting project. Here they are.

1. Choosing the Paint

Paints are available in a range of sheens and also in latex or oil. According to most painting companies in New York City, latex is the most commonly used paint type since it’s easy to clean and lasts long. It’s also more fade resistant and produces fewer blisters than oil. For interior painting, latex is the best choice. However, oil paints are better when it comes to priming real wood moldings as it tends to seal knots and stains from the wood better than a latex-based paint. It takes longer to dry than latex paints; so, the providers like New York City painters have to adjust their schedule according to that.

2. Choosing the Sheen

If you are looking for a paint that’s easy to clean, you should choose a glossy paint. In a household where there is a lot of traffic and there are small children, where there are higher chances for walls to receive more grease and other stains, high gloss sheen is the best bet, so that walls can be easily wiped and cleaned just with a damp sponge. High gloss paints are also good for trim and give it a nice finish, adding to the flatter sheen of your walls.

Another choice, according to house painters NYC, is semi-gloss which is good for baths and kitchens and also for trim offering you easy washing ability and less sheen than gloss. It’s a bit cheaper too than gloss. Stain sheens have a smooth satiny finish and can be used in hallways, baths and kitchens.

If your walls have a lot of imperfections, choose a flat or matte paint with which you can normally get away with only one coat of paint. Its drawback is that it doesn’t take up good cleaning and tends to show dirt.

3. Choosing Color

If you are going to sell your home, better tell your professional painters NYC to choose white or off-white color so as to let the buyer imagine their choice of color on the wall. White and off-white colors also make the rooms look brighter and cleaner. If you will not be selling your home in the near future, take full advantage of the range of colors available and choose from them.

Follow these tips and make your home look new and clean with an awesome paint job.

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