5 Plumbing Tips You Should Know when Professionals are not Accessible

Sunnybank PlumberThere is no doubt that professionals are unmatched when it comes to plumbing. However, if you come across a problem during the COVID-19 lockdown when no professional plumber is available, you can take a sigh of relief if you know some of the plumber’s jobs. Here are a few of them.

1. Protect Your Pipes with Glue-backed Felt

Even before you can call in a professional like Sunnybank Plumber, you can implement some tricks that will help you prevent many of the future problems. One of the most useful among these is to protect your pipes with the help of adhesive-backed felt. When hot water runs through your copper pipes, the pipes expand and rub against pipe hangers and joists. Buy some felt with adhesive on its back from any hardware store. Now just remove each hanger and before reattaching it, wrap the pipe in the felt.

2. Strong Magnet to Locate Hidden Pipes

Experts at Sunnybank Plumber use a simple trick to find hidden pipes. Just attach a strong magnet to an electrical fish tape and insert it into drain lines using a cleanout plug. With the help of a simple compass, now you can locate the pipe (with the magnet inside) under the floor. The compass will start turning wildly when it’ll come near the strong magnet.

3. Take “Before” Photos

You’re not a professional plumber like the one on Sunnybank Plumber, and so, you don’t know what goes where once your home renovation is complete. So, what can you do? It’s so simple! Take photos of the inner structures before the walls, floors and ceilings are closed. You’ll thank yourself when you’ll plan your next repair or remodeling as you now know where the plumbing lines, as well as electrical lines and framing are.

4. Use a Plunger for Kitchen Sink

If your kitchen sink has a trap, give it a few plunges using a toilet plunger before removing the trap. The plunger will cause most of the water to get removed from the trap, reducing the jumble while you pull the trap. In case of a double sink, make sure you plug the other drain to contain air pressure. If the strainer is not screwed down, you will need to hold it down while plunging the drain.

5. Use Expanding Foam to Fight Sounds

If your two stainless steel sinks have a space between them, they can make horrible sounds due to vibrations. You can fill in the space with expanding foam and the sound will deaden.

These simple tricks will help you reduce your headache and you’ll get respect from your family, as a bonus.

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