3 Great Tips to Help Your Windows Work Smoothly and Look Beautiful

Finesse WindowsAlthough we don’t look ‘at’ them but look ‘outside’ from them, windows are an important part of our home and have significance in the décor. The more you pay attention towards their upkeep, the higher aesthetics they can offer to your home. Here are a few tips to help you out regarding taking good care of your windows.

1. Clean Glasses

When you have high-quality windows like Finesse Windows, you need only a little maintenance as such. Still you have to keep them clean, especially during these days of the COVID-19 pandemic. You should start with glasses because clean shiny glasses give an instant feel of cleanliness. Here are things you can do.

Use a glass cleaner that is not abrasive or containing harsh chemicals. You can even use a mixture of 1 parts of vinegar and 9 parts of water. Spray this on the glass generously. Wipe clean with a paper towel or lint-free cloth.

If the window glass has caulk, sealant or dried paint on it, take a little warmed vinegar or denatured alcohol on a dry cloth and scrub the surface. If required, scrape gently with a single-edge razor blade.

Marks of crayons or adhesive can be removed by taking glass cooktop cleaner on a clean wet cloth and scrubbing gently.

2. For Smooth Operation

To make your window operate smoothly for a long time, always open and close them gently without applying extreme force.

When it comes to awning and casement windows, operate them only from the inside with the attached operator handle.

While opening and closing the window, you should apply even pressure on both sides of a single- or double-hung sash or apply pressure straight in the centre of the sash.

If you want to latch the window, make sure it’s fully closed.

Anyone should not pull, lean or swing on the open sashes or casement window stabiliser arms.


Finesse Windows casement windows

3. Maintenance

Your windows can work smoothly with infrequent maintenance and form an airtight seal when closed. The following tasks if performed once a year or as required will help your windows operate s

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