5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid during Your Home Renovation

home renovationIf you’ve newly bought a home to start your single or married life in a new city or town, some or the other time, you’re going to feel the urge of renovating your home. After all, it’s your home and should reflect your personality. The paint on walls, furniture, kitchen cabinets or bedroom windows are not to your liking and you should definitely change them. But hold on! As you’ll be undertaking your home renovation for the first time, there are high chances of some blunders. Here are some such mistakes that you can and should avoid while remodeling your home.

Mistake 1 – Starting too Early

While you’re eager to make your home truly yours, it’s a good idea to first understand the home’s personality, soul and vibes, and then plan your home renovation. Otherwise, you may install a fish tank in a room where plenty of direct sunlight enters. Or you may install fixed blinds on a window which actually has a beautiful view to show you in spring. Or you may set your desktop computer at a spot where it’s at a risk to get damaged with rainwater or snow. Take some time to get a feel of the home’s flow and then plan your renovation.


Mistake 2 – Expecting Perfection

While planning your renovation, if you’re expecting perfection, you’re bound to get disappointed. Especially, if it’s an old building, you may face a lot of unexpected situations. You may encounter with an old moss growth or something similarly undesirable when you open up a wall. However, even new constructions may carry problems. It’s not bad to expect perfection, but at the same time you should be prepared for the unexpected and think upon how to resolve the problems.

opening up a wall

Mistake 3 – Planning too Many Changes

It’s a good thing to plan making your home look your way. However, you should take care not to disturb the basic structure of the home which eventually may harm the construction and cause a problem in the long run. It’s recommendable to keep things simple which is likely to confuse you far less. Plus, it’s beneficial economically too. Remember that moving a light switch or faucet even a few feet can cost over one thousand dollars.

home remodeling

Mistake 4 – Doing Things Yourself

Home renovation is a professional task and unless you’re an interior designer or architect yourself, it’s not at all advisable to do it yourself. If you do it yourself, it may ultimately cost you a lot more than outsourcing the renovation. You’re not practiced to design homes, are you? For professionals, on the other hand, it’s a daily job. They know what difficulties may arise and plan things accordingly. On the contrary, as you’re not prepared for those challenges, you may have to struggle to handle them and may have to spend a lot more in the process. Plus, the difficulties may not be entirely solved as they have been handled unprofessionally. As a result, the home may look messy rather than beautifully renovated.

Doing Things Yourself

Mistake 5 – Pretending to Understand Everything

There is nothing shameful if you don’t understand what your designer or architect is explaining. Don’t be ashamed of asking questions if you have doubts. After all, you’re going to live in the house and use the renovated design features. Shouldn’t you know them well? Of course, you should. You should know the materials, paints, design elements, why certain materials are a good fit for certain spots, and even how costs are structured around different elements. If you pretend that you’ve understood everything, the designer or architect may do something granting your consent that actually you didn’t desire.

So, understand that you may commit these mistakes and try to avoid them, so that your home renovation may be smooth and just as per your wish.

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