Builder Outlet – Your Trusted Source for Home Supplies

Builder OutletWhen you decide to build your new home or remodel your old home, you want to choose top quality supplies, from door locks to bathroom supplies. You want your new home fitted with the best electrical, hardware and other goods, so that your home can become the most comfortable place in the world for you. In that case, you should know a trusted name for these supplies and it can be Builder Outlet.

Who are Builder Outlet?

Builder Outlet are one of the leading suppliers of builder and home improvement supplies. They have a range of products of premium quality. Let’s take a look at their product range.

Safety and Security

While building a new home or remodeling an old home, one of the most important factors you should consider is the safety and security of your home. Obviously you need topnotch products for your home security and Builder Outlet have them. They have commercial locksets, entry locksets, deadbolts and fire safety products.

Their commercial locksets are heavy-duty in terms of durability and therefore you can rely on them.

cylindrical lock by Builder Outlet

Their line of entry locksets feature lever handles which are advantageous in most situations, but especially for the elderly and disabled, whereas when you want the best resistance to burglary, you can choose their deadbolts.

Another important product Builder Outlet have are quality electric strikes. These are the metal plates installed in or on a door frame to “catch” the bolt or latch to hold the door closed. Electric strikes are a very safe and secure option for latching a door because they can be activated only with a pin, card or remote device associated to them.

You should also have sufficient fire safety and for this, Builder Outlet have a range of fire extinguisher cabinets with locks.

fire extinguisher cabinet by Builder Outlet

Next important product by Builder Outlet is door closers. Since building regulations need you to install door closers on fire doors which are to be closed at all times and door closers ensure this.

door closer by Builder Outlet

Builder Outlet also has high-quality access panels in a range of shapes, sizes and materials. These not only enhance your space but also add versatility to the room wherein they are installed.

access panel by Builder Outlet

Bathroom Supplies

A bathroom is a place in a home which needs to be always clean, dry and tidy. A stained, disorganized and humid bathroom can easily disturb your mood. What if you can easily clean yourself and your bathroom? But this can be done only when you get cleaning supplies neatly organized. Builder Outlet have a range of products for your bathroom organization. They bring you premium quality paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, bath tissue dispensers and sanitary napkin receptacles. Don’t you think that when you get everything just in place, your life becomes so easy?

bath tissue dispenser by Builder Outlet

Energy Efficiency

Builder Outlet have outstanding energy efficiency products too like door frame weatherstrips. With door frame weatherstrips, you can seal air leaks around your doors and windows. The weatherstrips by Builder Outlet are highly tolerant to temperature changes, friction, weather elements and wear and tear associated to their location. Thus even if they are applied to a threshold or door bottom, where they could be dragged on carpets or erode due to foot traffic, they seal the door or window extremely well.

They also have high-quality door sweeps that seal your door and prevent dust and pollen from entering your room and improve air quality. Of course, by sealing air leaks, they lower your utility bills and save your money.

Another excellent product by Builder Outlet is doorstops or door sweeps. As long as there is a doorstop behind your door, your door won’t slam into the wall and the damage will be prevented. When placed on the front of the door, it prevents the door from snapping shut. Doorstops also protect little ones from getting caught between doors and door frames or walls.

If you were in doubt about where you can get durable, high-quality home supplies, now you’ve got the solution in the form of Builder Outlet. Happy home to you!

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