5 Practical Tips on Choosing the Best Housekeeper

housekeeper LondonYou’re now tired of managing your household! Your entire day passes in cleaning, cooking, washing, childcare, and the list is unending. You want some time for yourself. So, you’ve come to the conclusion that you need a housekeeper. But the question is how to find one. Let’s see how you can start your hunt.

1. Be Clear with Your Requirements

If you can, think on it or the best way, write it down! Enlist all your requirements, like:

  • The errands you want them to do
  • The gender and age you’d prefer
  • Your suitable timing/s
  • Salary you can offer

Once you enlist all your expectations, get in contact with a reputable agency like Massey’s Agency that recruits housekeeping staff, just according to your needs.

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2. Possible Timings

There are generally 3 types of timings for housekeepers – for a few hours (part time), for full day (from morning to evening) and for 24 hours (live in). Salaries will vary according to the timings. So, you’ll have to consider that.

3. Do a Trial Run

If you’re not sure about the maid you want to hire, the best way is to do a trial run. That way, you can check whether they can do the jobs you want them to do, whether they will arrive at the timings you want, whether their cleaning, cooking and childcare or caregiving jobs are as per your expectations, and so on.

caregiving jobs

The best thing about hiring a housekeeper by Massey’s Agency is that they take care to provide you well-matched candidates. So, you don’t have to go through dozens of CVs and keep guessing who will be your best housekeeper. Also, if you’re not satisfied with a particular recruit’s services, they can send you another good substitute.

4. Check for Cleanliness

No matter, the person has been sent by a reputable agency, you don’t want to skip the step of checking their overall work and cleanliness. You certainly don’t want an unhygienic person moving around in your house. The person need not wear costly clothes, but should be clean and wear clean clothes. You can easily monitor their work for cleanliness by making sure whether they clean or skip corners, laundries cloths like linens, curtains and covers regularly, cleans kitchen cabinets and mirrors regularly, does dusting and so on.

If you want the housekeeper to cook, you’ll have to check hygiene as well as the taste of food. You and your family may not like the taste of the housekeeper’s cooking at first. In that case, you’ll have to train them in cooking food that you’d like. So, think on whether you can invest time for that.

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5. Check Punctuality

Regarding timeliness, you may be strict or a little flexible depending on your needs. For example, if you want the housekeeper to prepare children for school, they should be punctual, whereas for other works like cleaning and laundering, a little delay is understandable. If they have a genuine reason to come late every day, you can consider that; otherwise, you should think on hiring another person.

Of course, if you’re ready to pay more, it’s best to have a live in housekeeper who would be available at your service at all times. But if you’re not in a position to do that, you’ll have to check punctuality if you have jobs like preparing kids for school, cooking before everyone leaves the house or comes back, giving medications on time to an ill person, driving you or your spouse to the workplace or market, and security job.

A good agency like Massey’s Agency chooses the housekeeper London staff very carefully and so, you don’t have to worry about getting an ill, unclean or ill-mannered person. Still, you can check the above points and thus can get the best housekeeper for you.

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