Essential living room furniture

Mira-marToday we will present a few pieces of furniture that you should add to the interior of your living room this year, and explain why they are the most essential pieces of furniture today. And if you decide that you need one of these pieces of furniture, we are here to fulfill all your design wishes and we will make sure to refresh the interior of your home!

We at Mira-Mar provide you a choice of excellent quality materials, from leading, reputable manufacturers specialized for wear resistance standards. Our range of materials is vast, so you can order furniture from solid wood, MDF, laminated particleboard or glass-filled aluminum frames.


It doesn’t matter if you like reading or not, a good modern and elegant bookshelf is something that everyone should have in their living room. In addition to being great for displaying the home library, bookshelves contribute to improving the overall interior of the room. Bookshelves give the impression of elegance, organization, and tidiness, they will also warm up your space and make it look more comfortable.

Club table

Known for their simplicity and functionality, club tables are increasingly replacing those ordinary, old-fashioned living room tables. The simple but unique design of club tables is what makes them one of the most desirable pieces of furniture today. They give warmth to the room and are often characterized by asymmetry, which further enhances the warmth of the interior and its modernity. The club table is the perfect piece of furniture that shows the perfection of the collision of design and functionality.

TV chest stand

In most of the homes TV is one of the main sources of entertainment and a central gathering place for family. There are many ways to fit a TV in your home, and a functional TV chest stand is one of the most common customer choices and preferences. Although you may prefer to hang your TV on the wall, TV cabinets are still a great piece of furniture that can improve the interior of your living room. TV cabinets are often used as additional space for storing various small items, decorations, game consoles, or video devices, which makes them even more functional. There is no doubt that, for that very reason, a TV chest stand is a timeless piece of furniture that can only further emphasize your taste and style, and add a touch to your living room.

The secret is in the details

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that the details and interior of the room in which we spend most of our time are quite important and that they can also affect our mood. A good living room interior should contain the above-mentioned pieces of furniture, but that’s not all. The design of the furniture and the decor is what will characterize and give life to your living room, but also to the entire apartment in which you live. The details are extremely important, so you should pay attention to the choice of materials, shapes, and the overall design of the living room furniture.

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