Latest Trends in Roofing – Which One will You Choose?

With the arrival of spring after winter, many homeowners start thinking about making some changes around their homes. If your roof is over 20 years old, was damaged in the winter or you just want to make it modern, investing in a new roof makes sense. Remember that while small issues like broken flashing or scraped shingles can be tackled easily, a more serious roof repair, upgrade or replacement will need a call to a professional roofing contractor. Before you call them, consider some hot new trends in roofing, so that you can decide what you want and get it done from the contractor.

Green Roof

Just like all other industries, the roofing industry too has started feeling the influence of increased demand for ‘green’ or eco-friendly roofing products. This has induced the development of an all new range of roofing trends that are based on energy efficiency and environment sustainability.

Solar Panels

As such, solar panels can be installed anywhere in a home. But since most people choose to install them on their roofs, you can say that they fall under the category of ‘roofing’. Lately actual solar power tiles have also been introduced that can be used as a roofing material. When you put the tiles together, they serve as a complete solar power system, a stylish roof replacement if you are not particularly fond of the futuristic look of the standard solar panels.

At present, more than a million homeowners are using solar energy to power their homes to some extent and these numbers are estimated to go up in coming few years. If you wish to join them but are held back by the costs, don’t forget that homeowners investing in renewable energy projects are offered provincial and federal incentives.

What’s more, solar panels will help you in lowering your energy bills in the long run. Ensure from your roofer whether your home is ideal for a solar panel project. Remember that the lifespan of your roof should be minimum 10 years for you to even think of installing solar panels.

Living Roofs

Yes, you read it right – it’s not living rooms but it’s living roofs! You might have perhaps seen them in glossy architectural magazines or some fancy Instagram accounts without having an idea of what they are known as. They are those verdant rooftop gardens, which are in fact roofs of and in themselves. This eco-friendly roofing trend is spread across the world like a wildfire. Many European as well as North American homeowners are trying to go green when it’s about roofs.

Living roofs are not only beautiful and unique but also enable even urban homeowners with no yard space to get a chance of having a lovely garden. Created from supportive plants, living roofs can also lessen your monthly energy bills in the summer since they help keep your home cool and nice.


BIPVs or building-integrated Photovoltaics are one more hot new roofing fix trend for 2017. This is a renewable energy technology which creates electricity from sunlight. It is pollutant-free and quiet and doesn’t need any maintenance.

Traditional roofing materials can be replaced with this technology and it is quite commonly used in the construction of new homes since consumers start demanding energy efficiency being integrated right before they move in their new home. For homeowners who desire an all-in-one, uniform look when their roofs are concerned, BIPVs are great. This is because several of them are designed to be integrated with traditional roofing materials like cement tiles, concrete tiles, clay tiles etc. As BIPVs are not directly sold to homeowners, you’ll have to contact your roofing contractor to know more about the available products. Don’t forget that depending on where you live, you can get discounts and tax credits on BIPVs because they are energy efficient.

All Time Favorite – Asphalt

While many homeowners may find it exciting to invest in green roofing, several others find it safer to invest in a time-tested material like asphalt. Asphalt shingles are known to be durable and are available in all types of sizes, shapes, forms and angles. Several asphalt shingles are even Class A fire-resistant and are excellent when it comes to dealing with extreme weather including heat, hail, high winds and sleet. It’s also true that asphalt shingles are reasonably priced, need less maintenance as far as roofing materials go, and can also be bought in the color, form and shape of other costlier materials such as clay tiles. At present, lighter colors are highly trending as homeowners have started realizing the importance of energy efficiency. Light colored roofs have heat-reflective properties that can give a break to your ceiling fans and air conditioners this summer.

Shimmer of Metal

Another emerging roofing trend is metal that accounts for up to 11% of roof repair jobs at present. And this number is estimated to go up as homeowners have started to appreciate the value of metal as a durable roofing material. As far as roofing materials are concerned, metal has one of the longest lifespans and it is also highly resistant to fire, extreme weather, rot, bugs and mildew. It is available as shingles or panels, with a protective coating to reflect heat away from your house, which means reduced monthly energy bills. Metal is also a relatively low-maintenance option and offer various choices like zinc, stainless steel and more.

Take Help of Your Roofer

If you are excited, give a call to a roofer like Stay Dry Roofing, Carmel IN Roofing, Roofing 46033, to tell them that you have got a better idea of how you can make your roofing dreams come true. They can help you with initial inspections, consultations and installation process. If you are not able to decide which option you want, they can even advise you to help you choose the right direction. You can discuss your ideas with your roofer, get information on latest trends and choose the best roofing solution for your home so as to make your home energy efficient, cool and beautiful at the same time.

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