7 Outstanding Benefits of Decorative Concrete

decorative concreteWhen it comes to home improvement, one of the most important factors to consider is what material to choose. While there are numerous options such as stone, brick, fiber cement, wood and vinyl which are good in their own way, there is another unique material which is incredibly versatile – it’s decorative concrete. If you come to know the several benefits of this material, you may hardly resist the temptation of using it in your home renovation project. So, let’s learn about them. But first let’s know what decorative concrete is.

What is Decorative Concrete?

Decorative concrete is a two-component system made of a polymer and a special cement mixture which is capable of creating smooth floors without structural dilatation joints. It has exceptional adhesion properties due to which it can be used on a wide range of surfaces and bonds easily to OSB boards, ceramic tiles, cement grout and more. It also suits almost all kinds of environments. This innovative product can be used for finishing any existing surface of a newly built construction or for renovation. It finely covers any unsightly joints and cracks, thereby offering a classy yet affordable solution to beautiful transformation of large surfaces like floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, bathrooms, kitchens, wet rooms, showers and swimming pools.


1. Unlimited Range of Beautiful Designs

The decorative concrete opens up a world full of options to homeowners who can customize the look of their concrete in just about any way they can imagine, so that their walls, floors, paths and driveways don’t even look like they’re made of concrete. Especially, the decorative concrete like FESTFLOOR Life Microcement, can be tinted to a range of colors so that you can create your individual design. Some of the styles offered by the decorative or architectural concrete are:

  • Colored: Offers a wide variety of tints, stains and marbling
  • Stamped: Simulates the looks of bricks, stone, cobblestones, shells, wood, slate and more
  • Textured: Can be grooved, smooth, engraved, patterned, stenciled and more

architectural concrete2. Exceptional Versatility

The applications of the decorative concrete are extremely versatile. It can be used not only for walls and floors, but also for driveways, paths, fireplaces, porches and patios. The FESTFLOOR Life Microcement can even be used on nightstands, dining room tables, kitchen countertops, cupboards and even doors.

FESTFLOOR Life Microcement

3. Hygienic

The decorative cement, like FESTFLOOR Life Microcement, is extremely hygienic and low maintenance because it prevents the formation of dirt and microorganisms on the surface. It is also finished with a top coat sealer available in satin, glossy and mat finishes to make it stain- and water-resistant.

4. Resistant to Damage

Decorative cement is a go-to solution even for high-traffic areas such as floorings and sidewalks which otherwise get easily worn out, but the decorative cement isn’t damaged easily. When you use decorative cement for your interior and exterior areas, they don’t easily chip, scratch or scuff. It even withstands heavy loads without buckling, and thus lasts much longer than other materials. Therefore,

  • You can move heavy furniture without worrying about the damage to the floor.
  • Your driveways and parking areas are safe.
  • It won’t be damaged by pets’ nails.

Decorative concrete isn’t damaged easily

5. Easy Maintenance

It’s smart to install features that are easy to care for right during your home improvement. Decorative concrete is perfect for this, as it needs very low maintenance. So, you can:

  • Mop the flooring to remove dirt and dust.
  • Seal outdoor surfaces every 4-5 years.
  • Wax indoor floors once a year.

Decorative concrete needs very low maintenance

6. Eco-friendly

Decorative concrete is also an eco-friendly option because it can be used on the existing concrete subfloors in your home without removing your old materials, that otherwise end up in landfills. You don’t even have to add new materials, and so, no fresh hardwood or carpet needs to be bought and used.

Decorative concrete is also an eco-friendly option

7. Has Cooling Properties

If the area where you live gets hot, scorching summers, decorative concrete is the best option for you to use in your home, because:

  • Concrete surfaces keep home cooler in summers
  • It stays cool to touch even when exposed to heat.
  • Its cooling properties can reduce the use of air-conditioner and thus energy bills.

Decorative concrete keeps home cooler in summers

So, knowing so many benefits of decorative concrete, you’re going to use it for your home renovation, right?

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