4 Great Tips for Setting Up A New Home

setting up a new homeThe transformation from bachelorhood to a married life can bring a whole lot of changes, especially in your house. If you have recently shifted to a new house post marriage then doing up the house can be a task. You have to consider each other’s preferences along with the need of the hour.

Here are a few ways to include some important details in the new home.

1. Give your new home a thorough cleaning

The most important step is cleaning the house before you even move your belongings in. Give yourself the feeling of a clean slate, where you can dream and shape up your new life, by cleaning out the dust and dirt of the past tenants. You can use your personal favourite cleaning products with scents that you enjoy so your new home can already start to smell like your old house used to, and the new sparkle will be all the more incentive to settle in.

2. The Living Room

The living room is the most important part of your house. You may have to entertain a lot of guests post wedding who will be carefully judging your choice and ability to set up your home. Make sure that you have enough space to sit. If your furniture has not come in and you have surprise guests then have some plastic chairs handy. Wicker furniture is another great idea and is quite popular in the West too for their chic designs and affordability. Use some contemporary designs and colours that will reflect your youth and look classy too.

3. The Kitchen

The foldable dining area is the right choice for the small space. Since it will be just the two of you in the house, you will not need the dining table regularly. It only makes sense to fold it up and use the space for something else. You will get a lot of cutlery as the wedding gift so utilize that before buying something of your choice.

4. The Bedroom

The bedroom can be a perfect mix of both the husband and the wife. Let the colours be decided by the wife and furniture be decided by the husband. Walk-in wardrobes are not a far-fetched idea even in a small setup. Dedicate wardrobes and study/reading areas depending on the requirement.

The lobby can have paintings or photo-frames from your wedding day or before that. This will make the space look homely and send a positive aura in the house. Place aroma candles on the sideboards/dressers of your bedroom to create a romantic atmosphere. You can also go for pleasurable scents such as lavender, pumpkin pie, jasmine, vanilla and rose to name a few.

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