See How to Bring a Tropical Vibe to Your Home with Removable Wallpaper!

removable temporary wallpaper for wallsTropical climate has always been like a dream for the Western world that experiences cold and cloudy climate almost year-round. No wonder, most Americans love anything tropical, whether it’s the golden sunlight, colorful flowers, swaying palms, crescent beaches, sweet juicy fruits or smiling dark-skinned people. But alas, you can’t leave your American life every now and then, and set out for a tropical holiday! But do you know it’s possible to bring a tropical vibe to your home? Yes, the good news is that a removable wallpaper can do all the magic, and you can enjoy being in tropical climate. Here’s how.

Love Vs Design offers an unlimited range of removable temporary wallpaper for walls that have designs that will make you feel being at a tropical destination, whether you’re sitting in your living room, working in the kitchen, resting in your bedroom or taking a shower in your bathroom.

They offer 3 high-quality types of wallpapers viz. Vinyl, Woven Fabric and Traditional. What’s more, all these are customizable. You can easily recolor any design instantly online to match the color scheme of your rooms, and even get instant previews of how it would look in your living room, office, bedroom or any other room, thus eliminating any uncertainty.

Amazing Tropical Wallpaper Design Ideas

Tropical Palm Leaves

Feel enchanted with the memory of the lush palms in your last vacation to tropics? Why not bring those palm leaves to your home and experience the greenery, and the positive energy and good vibe it brings! Love Vs Design has a range of palm leaves designs that can fill your home with the peace, and relaxation your favorite tropical destination introduced to you.

tropical peel and stick wallpaper

Under the Sea

Tropical almost essentially means beaches and diving. Nearly all tropical countries are blessed with colorful marine life and all tropical-lovers don’t miss to take dips in the warm, pleasant oceans and view the fun aquatic creatures. Here’s another beautiful wallpaper that will evoke your memories of those dips and bring the much-desired tropical vibe to your any room. If chosen for the bathroom, you can enjoy the feeling of being in the company of the adorable creatures – just a suggestion!

under the sea wallpaperr

Colorful Flowers

Another charming element of tropical atmosphere is a lovely mix of strange, fragrant, brightly colored flowers. This tropical peel and stick wallpaper by Love Vs Design will remind you of that wonderful fusion of bizarre hues and shades you saw in the tropics! This wallpaper is perfect for any room of your house as wherever it’s featured, it will spread cheer and happiness! Especially your kids will be delighted if you use it to decorate their room.

secret garden wallpaper

Rainbow Wallpaper

Tropical countries often have sun and rain together. Naturally, rainbows are a common phenomenon. Whether it’s a full rainbow you saw on the beach, spread from one end of the ocean to the other or a part of it you saw from your hotel room, rainbows look stunning. Add colors to your home and life with this retro rainbow wallpaper that’s sure to bring a smile on anyone’s face.

retro rainbows wallpaper

Starry Sky

Tropical holidays give you a chance to unwind on the ground and gaze the sky full of stars which you can’t do in your busy city life. How about bringing the tropical vibe of the starry sky to your bedroom? This wallpaper will do just that. Get it for your bedroom and get lost in those pleasant memories while the sleep will gently enter your eyes and will take you on a journey of dreams.

starry sky wallpaper

Getting a tropical vibe to your home with removable wallpapers with so many tropical designs is so easy! Get them and make your everyday life feel like a tropical holiday!

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