One Hour Smart Home – Your Easy Way towards a Comfortable, Secure and Energy Efficient Smart Home

One Hour Smart HomeIt’s almost impossible that you don’t know about a smart home. But by chance if you don’t, a smart home is a home in which all or most of the appliances, lights and security systems can be controlled by the homeowner remotely, not only from only one room of the home but also from any location in the world with the help of a phone or the internet.

So, you can imagine how comfortable the life in a smart home is!

But if you set out to start a smart home, you may easily get daunted about from where to start. Here One Hour Smart Home steps in. One Hour Smart Home empowers people to automate their homes with smart home technology.

How does One Hour Smart Home Help You to Start a Smart Home?

One Hour Smart Home guides you about how to automate your home and make it smart. They offer comprehensive reviews of smart home products and the latest smart home news. What’s more, they have launched podcasts by James Both guiding people to upgrade their homes to smart homes. You can listen to the podcasts on their website as well as on iTunes. Plus, you can stream them or download as MP3s.

According to One Hour Smart Home experts, to get a smart home you don’t have to spend a fortune; in fact, you can start it with less than $60.

The products they review are tried and tested by themselves and so, these reviews are extremely reliable. They also advise about what to look for while purchasing smart home devices.

Their very first podcast has very useful tips about smart thermostats, smart locks, smart doorbells, smart camera and active and passive smart home safety equipment. They also share important information about why voice assistants are useful because apps controlling your smart home can have poor user interface while with voice control you can control your smart home in the easiest way.

And the other podcasts too are full of useful information on smart home, how it works and how you can have one.

The most amazing part is their very own product – One Hour Smart Home Smart Plug which works with Alexa – WiFi outlet pulg and Amazon Echo and Google Home Assistant, and they offer one-year warranty and no-hassle return.

One Hour Smart Home Smart Plug

So, are you ready for a smart home? If you are, you can subscribe to One Hour Smart Home’s podcast or join their email list on their website and head on towards a smart home!

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