4 Essential Tips to Make Your Furnace Run More Efficiently

heating engineer SheffieldDuring your hectic schedule, when you are busy with too many chores and responsibilities, your home heating system can be easily ignored. The only time you remember it may be when you adjust the thermostat.

However, taking out the time to learn about your heating system, how it works and what you can do if it doesn’t, can save you from repenting and can keep you warm on cold nights.

Here are a few essential tips that can help you run your furnace more efficiently and eliminate or reduce expensive repairs before you have to call a professional like heating engineer Sheffield.

1. Jacking up the Thermostat is Not the Way to Heat Your Home Faster

In the middle of the winter you come home after a hectic day to find that the thermostat has been switched off and the house has become chilly. Now you are impatient to warm up the house as soon as you can, for which you crank up the heat.

But unfortunately, a furnace delivers heat at a same rate no matter how high the thermostat has been set. The only difference raising the thermostat higher than required will make is how long the furnace will work.

You may probably turn the thermostat back down when you feel hot, and this means that the temperature within is too high now and you have unnecessarily increased your heating bill.

heating engineer Sheffield

2. Closing Off Rooms cannot Reduce Your Heating Bill

This may not seem to make sense. In any case, when you are not heating a couple of your rooms, you may definitely think that you’d be using less energy to heat your house.

Blocking or closing a vent will make the room cooler. However any boiler repairs Sheffield professional can tell you that because of the natural tendency of heat to move from warmer to cooler locations, the cold rooms will ultimately sap the warmth from the remaining house. This means that approximately the same amount of energy will be needed by your house as before.

Besides this, heating systems are designed to balance for the size of the house. Blocking or closing heating vents can put stress on the heating systems by elevating the air pressure in the ductwork and making the unit cycle on and off more often.

heating engineer Sheffield

3. You can Save Money by Changing the Air Filter Regularly

If you believe that by not changing the air filter regularly on your furnace, you are saving a lot, you may make a mistake.

When your air filter collects dirt, it blocks the air that can pass through it. This ultimately causes your furnace to work harder. This can lessen energy efficiency and cut down the life of your heating systems.

Hence remember to check the air filter on your heating system regularly and change it every 1 to 3 months. Use a premium air filter to lessen indoor air pollution and keep the air inside your home cleaner probably during a kitchen makeover from someone like kitchen fitters Sheffield.

4. What if the Furnace Fails?

Although you should ideally get your furnace repaired from heating professionals, a few things can be tried by you.

Thermostat Settings: Start by making sure that the thermostat is turned on, at the right temperature and set to heat. Also confirm that the programmable feature occurring on most modern thermostats isn’t set to turn the furnace off. Several modern thermostats run on battery and will fail when batteries fail. Hence replace the batteries to see if the problem is solved.

Power Supply: The next thing to do is to check if the fuse or circuit breaker that supplies power to the furnace is blown or tripped. If it is, replace the fuse or turn the breaker back on.

Pilot Light: If there is a pilot light on your furnace, check if it has gone out. If it has, follow the instructions in the user’s manual and relight the pilot.

Follow these tips and enjoy the warmth from a more efficient furnace and saving on repairs.

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