Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Every Budget

Kitchen RenovationWhen you think of renovating your home, the thought of kitchen might come to your mind first and you might also be discouraged with a thought that it’s a costly affair. But the fact is that if you make the right choices, you can even spend a lot less on your kitchen renovation. It should be noted that you can spend a lot more too and even in between if you want.

Here are a few tips that consider how you can get a budget, mid-range or luxury kitchen makeover as suggested by the kitchen refurbishment London experts.


Countertop prices vary extensively depending upon materials. And even among the same materials, prices vary a lot. E.g. granite with a rarer color costs twice as the one with a common stone. Even thickness and edging of granite influence the cost. Note that cost of fabrication may also vary.

Budget: Laminate, butcher block, granite tile, tile

Midrange: Granite selected from the less pricy slabs

Luxury: Quartz, rare granite or marble



Just like countertops, cabinets too vary significantly in prices and adding new cabinets may eat up a large chunk of your renovation budget depending upon the product you choose. Factors that affect cabinet cost include materials (hardwood vs. plywood vs. fiberboard) and also interior enclosures and glazes.

Budget: Repaint current cabinets

Midrange: New basic plywood cabinets with doors of laminate or real wood

Luxury: New solid wood cabinets with a lot of pullout drawers, molding, custom glaze and other features


A great idea to save on your kitchen renovation is to continue with the same layout. If you change it, you have to change electric fittings, plumbing and gas which adds a lot to the cost. Removing walls that cannot bear load isn’t drastically expensive, but as you break down the wall, it’s often discovered that plumbing or wiring has to be relocated. Also, it may create a need to change flooring.

Budget: Continue the current layout

Midrange: Remove a wall, but continue same locations for sink, dishwasher and stove

Luxury: Have an entirely new layout and create a great new room, maybe having an island



Before spending money on professional appliances, think upon how you’d use your kitchen. Unless you cook a lot or enjoy baking a lot, don’t splurge on pricey appliances. If you’ve determined to replace appliances, begin shopping early and grab sales and people selling reused good appliances. It’s a good idea to buy appliances before starting kitchen renovation so that you can build cabinets to house them.

Budget: Continue with old appliances or buy used ones

Midrange: Find midrange options

Luxury: Buy professional appliances

So, now you can renovate your kitchen with whatever budget and have your dream place for cooking!

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