6 Simple Tips to Have an Efficient Kitchen that’s Good-Looking Too

bespoke Ikea doorsYou have an Ikea kitchen which you want to renovate. But do you know that you can create a custom kitchen out of your kitchen? Yes, you can customize the finishes using Ikea framework. Thus, you can get a custom kitchen look without having to break a bank. You can combine extensions and renovations to create customized kitchen cabinets, kitchen units, worktops, kitchen islands and more. Here are a few ideas.

1. Standard Vs. Bespoke Cabinets

You’ll find most kitchen companies offering a kitchen with standard cabinets in different sizes, probably labeled by width. They also follow standard European appliance sizes so as to make it easy to fit cabinets and appliances together.

But there is another alternative too of bespoke Ikea doors and cabinets. Specialised joiners and carpenters would work for you to fit your kitchen perfectly. This option is a little pricier but offers a lot of flexibility and choices in your design.

replacement kitchen doors

2. Make Use of the Power of Colors

You can use colors to freshen up the looks of your kitchen and make the color scheme work together brilliantly.

You can have doors in the pastel shades of yellow, pink and blue, and the color of the walls, and kitchen items matching well with those cheerful colors. Thus you can make use of the power of colors.

Power of Colors

3. Choose the Right Style for Your Layout

The unit style you choose doesn’t need to be affected by your layout. Nevertheless it can be influenced. Kitchens of large households and big families work well with a farmhouse-style table or large island in the center. Hence probably a traditional or pastoral look will meet your needs. On the other hand, galley layouts can work well with modern organized designs that will maximize space and light.

Right Style for Your Layout

4. Should You Choose Carcases?

Carcases are elements on which drawer fronts and door fronts are attached. This is your kitchen’s internal framework. Their role is structural in terms of providing support to worktops and obviously providing appliance housing and storage. As they are visible only when doors are opened, they can be easily overlooked. However, if they are poor-quality, they can have a large impact on the longevity and efficiency of your kitchen.

How dense is the material will decide the life of your kitchen cupboards. The most basic material for carcases is low-density chipboard. It’s the most affordable option but is also more prone to permanent warping in humid conditions. The benefit is that the edge of carcases can be sanded flat, which means edging strips don’t need to have a neat look. But a more feasible and better option is to get replacement kitchen doors.

5. Combine Simplicity and Elegance

If you want your kitchen to look simple yet elegant, you can choose a single pastel color for all cabinet doors, kitchen island, countertop, drawers and cupboards, and accentuate its beauty by overhead lighting, hanging lights and illuminated cabinets to eliminate the guesswork of which cabinet contains what.

Simplicity and Elegance

6. Smart Kitchen Design

You can act smart with a few design features and save your time and remove any confusion. Here are a few tips:

  • Install lighting in cabinets to eliminate guesswork and confusion regarding which cabinet contains what.
  • Make a great use of space and it will help you keep the kitchen cleaner and tidier.
  • Install a ‘soft close’ on drawers so that they can go back into their place with just a touch.
  • Make efficient use of lighting to light up the kitchen.
  • Make use of efficient appliances like induction hob, ovens and refrigerators, and place them in such a way as to make best use of space.

Use these tips to have an efficient kitchen that’s good-looking too.

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