5 Simple Tips that will Keep You and Your Family Safe from Garage Door Hazards

Seceuroglide Garage DoorsYour garage is the home to one of your most valuable assets – your car. It’s important that your garage should be well designed and built with the best materials. But have you ever thought that the garage door can be dangerous sometimes?

Yes, thousands of people get injured by garage doors every year. It’s very essential that you should get your garage door installed from an excellent service like Seceuroglide Garage Doors to ensure its safety and should also take a few simple precautions. Here are some.

1. Watch the Safety Sensors

The safety sensors of the garage door opener are fastened to the rails on which the garage doors run, around 6 inches above the ground. They are meant for reversing the direction of a shutting garage door if a human or animal walks under a garage door that is closing.

Test the tool by pushing the control button to begin closing the garage door. Just before the door closes, place a stick or another similar object before one of the sensors. If the beam is blocked in this way, the door must stop at once and reverse. If it doesn’t, get the door opener checked from a professional and make adjustments or repairs as required.

2. Passwords Should be Secret

Several companies offer openers that allow you to set user-specific one-time codes. This is convenient if you have friends visiting or a courier to be received, so that they can get an access without needing you disclose the passcode for the keypad of garage door opener. You can even get the new smartphone apps that provide more control by letting you open and close the garage door remotely.

2 button hand transmitter black by Seceuroglide Garage Doors

3. Teach Kids Not to Play with Garage Door

Kids tend to love riding up the garage door while dangling onto the door handle. This is a big no-no. Make children aware of the danger in doing this and that garage door is not a plaything.

4. Be Careful about Fingers

Reportedly, every year thousands of injuries happen due to fingers getting caught in door sections. Consider getting the newer styles of garage doors that have pinch protection that minimises the risk of finger injuries.

Seceuroglide Garage Doors

5. Check the Force Settings

Check if the door stops when you try to push it down when it’s rising or push up on its bottom as it’s lowering. If it doesn’t, you can probably fix it on your own by adjusting the force settings.

These simple tips will keep you and your family safe from garage door hazards and give you the desired peace of mind.

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