Top 5 Pool Safety Tips that Homeowners Should Follow

pool safetyFor any home, a swimming pool is a precious and fun thing to have, especially when there are children in the family and among guests. But this very backyard pool can pose a huge risk of drowning. Imagine, a child of yours or your guests’ falls in the pool accidentally and drowns – it’s terrible even to imagine! But you don’t need to panic. There are certain tips that can save you from a terrible mishap. Here are a few.

1. Install a Fence and Alarm

Get a secure fence installed around your pool, the gate of which should be self-locking and children should not be able to open it on their own. The fence too should be such that little ones or pets should not be able to climb on it or squeeze through it. Also, if you can install an alarm that will alert you if a child enters a pool deck alone, you would have much more peace of mind.

2. Teach Swimming to Every Family Member and Keep Those within Arm’s Reach who don’t Know Swimming

When it comes to your family, you can make sure every family member knows how to swim. But when there are guests and you are not sure if all of them know swimming, you should keep a keen eye on them. Especially you should keep children within arm’s reach so that you can be easily available for their help in case of an accident.

3. Limit Access

If you have a small, inflatable pool, you can drain the water from it when it’s not in use. Also, remove stairs and ladders from an above-ground pool so that inquisitive little ones are prevented from falling in. If you have a larger pool, you can take safety measures like installing a pool safety cover when the pool is not in use.

4. Keep Life-saving Tools around the Pool

Tools like ropes with rings, rescue hooks and reaching poles should be placed around the pool so that you can quickly use them to save the drowning person.

5. Maintain Cleanliness

Always keep your pool clean. A dirty pool can give rise to infections and diseases. Of course, it’s also true that its appearance will be unwelcoming so that no one will wish to swim in it.

A backyard pool can bring fun and enjoyment only if it’s used with due precautions. You just have to remember this and you’ll enjoy!

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