7 Stunning Types of Window Shades You Should Consider for Window Treatments

buy window shades onlineAs such, it’s just an opening for a room to allow natural light in and let you glance at the outside world. But a window is certainly much more than that. It can be a beautiful and restful corner of your room if decorated with just the right elements. And the first and foremost among these are window shades. Fabric shades are the most practical elements for window treatments as they can work with as well as instead of draperies as stylish and practical window treatments. Here are various types of fabric window shades so that you can choose the most suitable ones for your décor.

Fabric Shades

Fabric window shades can be functional or decorative or both. They are versatile and are available in a range of styles. You can buy window shades online as they are or customizable. Determine your purpose behind buying window shades: Are you looking for light control or privacy? Or are you just looking for dressing up your windows? Determining your purpose will help you choose the right window shades.

1. Roman Shades

Roman shades are the most desirable when full-length curtains or drapes are not feasible, such as windows in bathrooms, windows above a kitchen sink or window seats.

2. Trims for Roman Shades

You can customize store-bought Roman shades with trim or ribbon. Lay the shade on a flat surface or floor, fully lowered. Attach the trim with fusible web or fabric glue.

3. Balloon Shades

When you want softness and finish, but don’t want complete coverage, fixed balloon shades (also known as London shades) can add just the correct touch of your favorite fabric. Fixed balloon shades are also useful for concealing blinds or shades that can be lowered when privacy or light control is required.

4. Honeycomb Shades

Cellular or honeycomb shades have two layers of fabric folding in opposite directions, thereby providing extra insulation and enhanced protection from ultraviolet light. They are available in light-blocking and light-filtering versions. So, you can choose the most suitable ones for your needs.

5. Roller Shades

Roller shades, unlike Roman shades, have the benefit of rolling discreetly out of the way so that you can glance at the outside world without any hindrance.

6. Roll Up Shades

Also known as Swedish shades, roller up shades don’t need a lot of fabric, thus is a budget-friendly option for window treatments.

7. Combination of Shades and Draperies

You can even decorate your windows with both – shades and draperies. This combo gives a richer look than shades alone and provides more functionality.

So, are you ready to choose the most stunning window shades for your rooms?

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