5 Excellent Tips for a Successful Basement Remodeling

basement remodeling ChicagoHaving a basement is a great asset. It can be your sanctuary, a place to relax, watch TV or play a refreshing game of table tennis or carom, chat with family and friends, and spend an overall good time. But what if your basement is filled with junk? It’s time to remodel it and make it as beautiful and relaxing as your main home. Here are a few ideas for basement remodeling.

1. Check Wiring and Plumbing

You may have to add wiring and plumbing to your basement, which may include a separate bathroom. Inspect the existing systems to check what upgrades and expansions you will need to do. It should be noted that a permit will be needed for this work.

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2. Seal the Rim Joists

Unsealed rim joists are big energy losers. Basement remodeling is your best opportunity to seal and insulate your rim joists. An option for this is to use rigid insulation cut to fit. It’s recommended to use at least 2” thick extruded polystyrene. But still you have to check the local codes. Use caulk to fill small gaps and expanding spray foam from a can to fill larger ones.

3. Waterproof the Walls

Waterproofing materials like paint fill the pores in masonry or concrete walls and stop water from leaking in. These coatings should be applied to bare masonry or concrete walls to be effective. First remove loose material with a wire brush and then use masonry cleaner to clean off any powdery ‘efflorescence’. Brush the coating to fill every pinhole. After the first coat dries, apply another coat.

4. Insulate Walls

To prevent condensation, insulate exterior walls. If you live in cold climate, insulating basement walls will also save energy and bring your energy bill down. However, if water is leaking in from outside, don’t insulate the walls because you may face a mold problem.

5. Have a Variety in Lighting

Basement may seem gloomy, but you can overcome the gloom by thoughtful lighting. Choose several types of lighting. When you want to light the room brightly, you may want good general illumination. Adding a dimmer switch to control brightness is a good idea. Ceiling fixtures, recessed can lights and fluorescent ‘pillow’ lights are the various options.

So, when are you planning your basement remodeling?

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