4 Practical Tips Shared by Professionals to Clean Your House Fast

house cleaningCleaning your home must be your priority because cleanliness brings health, not only physical, but also mental. However, in today’s busy life, we don’t get much time to give a thorough clean to our homes. Are there any hacks that can help us to de-clutter and de-dust our homes in the shortest possible time? Yes, the good news is that there are.

Experts at professional house cleaning services share their secret tips on how to clean your home within a short time so that you can do it regularly without disturbing the rest of your schedule.

1. Start from the Top

It’s a matter of common sense that starting cleaning things from the top will let the dust and dirt drop on the objects that are below and then you can clean them. Or else if you clean them first and then clean the upper portions, you’ll have to do the cleaning job twice unnecessarily, taking your much of time. We are aiming at saving time and so, this is important. Start from the ceiling and clean any cobwebs or other dirt. Clean objects hanging from the ceiling such as fans, chandeliers, lamps, pelmets, etc. Then will come the top surfaces of your wardrobe, upper portions of windows etc. and then start cleaning all the other objects in the room because they have now collected the dust fallen on them from the things above and plus they have their own dust.

Start from the Top

2. Wipe with Damp Cloth

Whenever there is a risk that dust will rise in air and ultimately fall in things where it shouldn’t, e.g. food, beds and linens, pans and pots etc. there is a simple trick to clean the dust fast and without letting it enter other objects like food etc. Take a clean cloth and wet it. Now go on wiping all the surfaces with this damp cloth. This way the dust won’t be able to rise in air and travel elsewhere. It will stick to the damp cloth which you can wash later. While cleaning kitchen countertop, wash the cloth first and then use it for cleaning. After cleaning, wash it again, dry and store in a clean box. This will free you from the stress of any dirt on the cloth falling on your kitchen countertop because the cloth will be free from dirt.

Wipe with Damp Cloth

3. Clean Clutter Fast

If you are wondering what to do of a collection of so many things lying here and there in the room which you cannot throw away, but they are paining your eyes, just collect them and put them in a plastic or cloth bag and keep the bag aside. This will let you clean all the surfaces, corners, nooks and crannies of your room without anything coming in your way. After you finish, sit down with your collection of clutter and analyze it regarding which things you want to keep and which you want to throw. If you don’t wish to discard them but even don’t want to keep before your eyes, let them lie in the bag for a few days. After a period, you’ll become strong enough to dispose them of.

Clean Clutter Fast

4. De-cluttering

You can apply the same trick for de-cluttering your closets, cabinets, work tables and many other spots in your home. If you are a cluttered person and are wondering how to get rid of it but don’t find a solution, your problem is that you are too much attached to things. The only way to break this attachment is to drop things in the trash bag but to keep them in home for a few days. Later discard them.

house cleaning

Hope these tricks will help you clean your home with maximum speed. Another point to remember is being consistent. If you let dirt accumulate for a lot of days, you cannot clean it quickly. The key here is not to let it build up and then you can clean it fast. You can even take help of professional house cleaning services once in a while for this and then clean the home yourself regularly. Happy cleaning!

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