E-Designing the Industry Forward with Apartment 73

If you have ever researched affordable online interior designers, you’ve heard of Apartment 73, a leading interior design website connecting customers with a professional interior designer. Historically, interior design was something only accessible to the “elite.” Apartment 73 has broken this barrier and created a way for anyone to enjoy beautifully designed spaces.

What’s Apartment 73 about in 140 characters or less?

Apartment 73 is an online interior design & decorating company founded by celebrated designer Sheena Newman. We make interior design simple, fast and affordable!

In your opinion, how does great design transform our daily lives?

We believe that a beautifully designed space sets the tone for a comfortable life. You’re going to feel happier when you feel like your home reflects who you are and your personal style.

How is modern technology transforming the traditional interior design industry?

Technology is making it much easier to discover what you really want. Both our customers and Sheena have access to an endless array of inspiration images to develop a clear understanding of the customer’s taste and style preferences.

How does your process work?

We offer 4 packages — bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Once you’ve purchased one of our package options, you’ll receive an email guiding you to our virtual design platform. There, you’ll take our fun style quiz, answer a few questions about your space, and upload any inspirational photos, measurements or floor plans you may have. The next step is design time. You’ll work online with Sheena Newman to refine your look. Your final design will include everything you need to set up your room. It’s that simple!

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