Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Schedule HVAC Maintenance in the Fall

Allen TX Heating and Air contractorAs the colder nights start arriving, it’s very essential to prepare the home for the months of fall and winter ahead. The most important fall maintenance chore you should take up with is a heating tune up even if you may think that it doesn’t need maintenance. You know that you use your heating system more than you would imagine. The fact is that, for every year in which you don’t maintain your heating system, 5% of its overall efficiency is lost. Here are top reasons why to schedule heating maintenance in the fall.

1. To Reduce Energy Costs during the Winter

Fall HVAC maintenance should be your top requirement for the upkeep of your heating system, and it’s best done outside of changing air filter, by a licensed contractor like Allen TX Heating and Air contractor and backed by a warranty. Never try to undertake major repairs of your system unless you are a professional. You could hurt yourself and further harm your system.

2. To Keep Heating System Breakdown Away during the Winter

A heating tune up company will send a trained professional to inspect your heating system properly to check if there are any problems. They will also clean and tune up your heating system to make sure it lasts, is safe and will need the minimum amount of energy so as to reduce your energy bills in the winter.

3. To Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe in the Winter

An ill-functioning furnace can pose a high risk to yours and your family’s health and it can be deadly. You can identify if your burner is not working properly and is emitting carbon dioxide if the flame of the central heating system is not burning blue but yellow. The harmful gases thus produced will spread all through your home and will cause harmful effects. Many issues with the furnaces can pose a deadly risk to your family. Scheduling a heating maintenance service in the fall is a great way to ensure safety. Another great option is to upgrade your furnace if it’s more than 10 years old. Fortunately, furnaces and heating systems of nowadays shut off automatically if they are not working properly.

4. It May be Required by Your Furnace Warranty

Most furnaces have a certain warranty no matter whether you’ve got yours included in the home or have bought it brand new. It’s required by most of these warranties that the homeowner maintains it regularly with a professional heating maintenance service. If the furnace breaks down during the warranty period, you may need to show the proof that you have done maintenance regularly; therefore it’s best to begin scheduling them every fall.

Take care of these things and not only your energy bills will be reduced but also you and your family will be safe and comfortable.

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