4 Practical Tips to Make Ikea Furniture Assembly Delightful and Not Frustrating

assemble IKEA furnitureIt’s easy to get frustrated just with the start of assembly of your brand new Ikea furniture. But you don’t need to be. Here are a few easy Ikea furniture hacks that will save you from the frustration.

1. Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Ikea’s assembly instructions are wordless which can overwhelm anyone, especially if he’s a newbie. But there are a few easy ways to understand each step.

  • Before getting started, go through the instructions from beginning to end.
  • Note that each illustration offers important visual clues to facilitate easy assembly. E.g. you will see which direction the exposed particle board should face.
  • Lay out all the components as shown in the illustration.

2. Make Use of Glue

The assembled furniture, if remains wobbly, looks cheap. But fortunately there are ways to make any assembled Ikea item look more expensive.

Glue when used appropriately, when you assemble IKEA furniture, prevents wobbling. However, you should use the correct type. Experts in furniture assembly recommend Gorilla Construction Adhesive and White Gorilla Glue.

While the latter bonds to a broad range of materials including metal and wood, the former is an all-surface adhesive that glues pretty much everything. The good thing about them is that both of them expand while drying and form a super powerful bond making the furniture you put together rock solid.

3. Use a Hammer

To place wood dowels precisely, make use of a rubber mallet or hammer. Also use one of the adhesives mentioned above.

The predrilled holes on Ikea products are small. They make it almost impossible to place the wood dowels much enough down to form a fully flush fit for the joining piece that’s added afterwards, unless you make use of a hammer.

  • Put a little adhesive on the end of the wood dowel.
  • Twist the end covered with glue into the predrilled hole.
  • Tap the dowel gently with the hammer until it reaches the predrilled hole’s bottom.
  • Around one-third of the dowel must be sticking out at this stage.
  • Wipe off any excess adhesive with a rag.
  • Use a blob of adhesive to join each screw and cam lock forever too.

4. Don’t Panic for Missing Pieces

Ikea makes mistakes too just like you. If you find that some parts of the Ikea furniture you bought are missing, don’t panic. The retailers will send them free of charge to you.

Just send your following details to their customer service department:

  • Your name, phone number and address
  • Order number
  • Product number
  • Explanation of the missing parts including their reference numbers. The assembly instruction booklet contains information about small parts like screws and dowels.

All in all, if you do it logically, Ikea furniture assembly should not trouble you but delight you with its decorative outcomes.

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