Great Benefits of Hiring a Professional Home Surveyor while Buying a New Home

surveying before buying a new homeIf you are planning to buy a home, you have to do many things. One of the most important among them should be to get your new home surveyed. There are several benefits of surveying your house.

If you have borrowed money for your home, your lender is most likely to require having the property surveyed as one of the requirements of mortgage. The lender will need legal documentation of the property they will be having an interest from, what structures are located on the property and where they are in context to property lines.

What will the Surveyor Do?

Professional surveyors like Kent surveyors will first establish the boundaries of the property and make sure that the boundary markets, usually a steel bar in the ground, are in right location. This is done by making accurate measurements from control points in the neighbourhood which could be a steel stake in the roadway or a stone monument.

After the boundary markers are recognised and certified for being in the right location, the surveyor will find the locations of other structures on the property in the context of property lines. The location of all structures as well as utility assessments in context with property lines.

Surveys are submitted and certified to only those who hire the surveyor. In case of buying a home, it’s usually done by the home buyer, mortgage holder and title company. The surveyor who did the latest appraisal normally can re-certify it to the new homeowner for a rebated price.

A survey certified to the present property owner should be included in property’s papers so as to successfully dispute a property line disagreement or acquire a permit to install a new structure like a fence, shed or swimming pool.

In many cases, the home seller provides an original copy of a survey to the new buyer. This is not valid for any legal purpose, but may help for informational purpose like while making an offer on a home. The seller may also provide copies of surveys do not document anything done to or close to the property because that survey was done. If there are some errors in the survey that can cause expensive problems for a new home buyer, the buyer would have no alternative with the surveyor since it was certified only to the earlier homeowner.

The benefits of the survey include a fence mistakenly placed a few inches on the incorrect side of the property line can be fixed easily, a detached garage or an in-ground pool built many feet over a property line or in a utility easement, not found until months or years later, can be found by the survey, and so on.

So, don’t forget to hire a surveyor while buying a home and get the desired peace of mind.

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