5 Incredible Merits of Buying Custom Frameless Glass Shower Doors

South Coast Glass custom frameless glass shower doorThe hottest trend in bathrooms today is open bathrooms. Due to the open designs, another trend has emerged to bring together dissimilar elements like bath fixtures, decorative tiles and expansive vanities. In such a scenario, traditional shower doors with their conspicuous frames and hard lines seemingly work against that aesthetic by forming defined, closed spaces.

On the other hand, installing a custom frameless glass shower door from someone like South Coast Glass helps to produce a more open, seamless and modern space that provides an exclusive design opportunity.

1. Toughness

Apart from the fact that the custom frameless glass shower doors look elegant, their even more prominent feature is their toughness. They range in thickness from 3/8 to ½-inch because of which they are structurally sturdy, sound and safe. They have watertight seals which prevent leakage and as they have little to no metal in their construction, you never have to worry about corroded parts.

2. Illusion of Largeness

It’s obvious that since custom frameless glass doors are made entirely of glass, they make the bathrooms feel larger and more open which makes a big difference. Thus the custom frameless shower door helps to include your shower space into the larger bathroom area rather than a door that walls off a considerable part of your bathroom.

3. Upgrade the Appearance of a Bath to that of a Spa

Today’s homeowners want to upgrade the looks of their bathrooms to that of an upscale spa. Custom frameless glass shower doors help them in this besides reducing the burden of maintaining it. They are easier to clean and look new almost always with just a simple cleanup. Their seal-in technology prevents water from spilling out to the bigger bathroom space. In addition, they provide a nice way to show off your modern shower heads, fixtures and faucets.

4. Sweeping Look

Due to their invisible nature, custom frameless glass shower doors create a sweeping look and flowing space that goes with stylish bath design, putting ornate lighting and decorative tile designs in the shower area on display.

5. Safety

Because they are made of glass without a protective frame barrier, several homeowners wonder if they are safe enough. But yes, they are definitely safe because the edges are filed down to a smooth surface eliminating any danger. Since the door is made of tempered glass, there are hardly any chances for it to break or shatter.

Thus, you can see that there are so many incredible benefits of custom frameless glass shower doors. So, if you are planning to get one, do it at once and you’ll feel proud of it.

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