4 Useful Tips to Ensure You Are Living in an Electrically Safe and Sound Home

electrician TwickenhamElectrics are very important components of your home because they make your life easy and so, need to be in top shape always. But if you use them carelessly, they may not only become expensive to repair or replace, but may also be dangerous. Follow these tips so that you can save time and money on your electrics and can keep danger at bay.

1. Get Your Electrics Checked by a Professional Electrician

It may be difficult for you to tell exactly how old and how safe your home’s electrics are. For example, fuse boxes may look like new but they might have been replaced without changing the wiring. Also even those who look quite modern may not be necessarily compliant with new regulations.

If you will be undertaking building work, get a professional like electrician Twickenham to check all the electrics. Actually you should check all of them every ten years and typically while purchasing a property as rewiring may cost thousands of pounds.

2. Prefer Updating to Total Rewire

A total rewire which is pricey and troublesome may not be required. The electrics may just require updating, like changing the light fittings or moving or adding sockets. Jobs like these are actually smaller and less pricey and problematic than a full rewire, but may show issues with the wiring that were not previously noticed. Living in a new home before getting it rewired or partly rewired is a good idea because that way you can find where you need new switches and sockets.

3. Get Practical and Safe Electrics wherever Needed

Old bathrooms usually lack safe and practical electric tools, e.g. an extractor fan. An extractor is meant to eliminate the growth of mould and mildew by removing moisture from a bathroom. They even extract odours common to any room where there is a loo. They often come on with the ceiling light, though can be separately turned off. If you keep your extractor turned off to avoid the annoying noise, you are defeating the very purpose of the device. Consider buying a ‘silent’ extractor which may not be exactly silent, but is quite close.

4. Take Help of Professionals

While certain electrical jobs can be done legally and safely by DIYers, inviting a qualified local electrician is anytime recommended. Of course, you should check their references and credentials. The best option is to hire an electrician who is a member of a government-approved “competent person scheme” like NICEIC since they can self-certify that their work is compliant with building regulations.

Use these tips to get a great peace of mind that you are living in an electrically safe and sound home.

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