4 Great Tips for Hiring and Maintaining the Domestic Staff Perfectly

Domestic StaffHaving domestic staff such as garden staff, childcare staff, personal staff, chauffeurs and others is incredibly helpful and if these people work for you for a long time, they become your family members. Especially households with kids find them very helpful.

But it’s also important that you hire just the right people with the help of someone like a housekeeping agency London and then you take care of them while they are on board. Here are a few tips to successfully hire an efficient domestic staff.

1. Look for the Right People

Domestic staff can be found in several unofficial ways. Occasionally you don’t have a lot of choice if the staff comes attached to the job you have accepted or to the house you have rented. The plus side of this is that you have help readily available when you move into your new place. Also such a staff tends to know the house inside out and how to take proper care of it. On the minus side, if they don’t develop a smooth relationship with you, you have to contact your landlord.

Asking for recommendations to neighbours and friends is another good way to staff your house. Sometimes even when expats are about to leave, they tend to ask around if anyone wants to take their staff.

2. Provide Food

It’s difficult (or even impossible) for staff to take a leave at lunchtime. So, it’s best to provide them a meal during their shift. In general, the meal should contain at least a cup of rice, a pack of noodles, a can of meat and a coffee mix.

3. Properly Maintain Staff Accommodation

Any property will require repair and maintenance over time. A good idea is to perform a yearly inspection and do any upgrades to the property that may be essential. Taking care of your staff’s accommodation in this way will create a great deal of goodwill among your staff.

4. Don’t Ask the Staff to Spend on Your Behalf

An awkward situation arises for the staff about refusing if they are asked to spend and cover household expenses on your behalf but from their own pockets. It’s essential to be strict about this and give money to the staff in advance whenever you want them to spend on your behalf. For some posts, you can also give staff a debit or credit card which they can use while shopping. If they purchase something for you by themselves, don’t fail to reimburse them promptly.

If you take due care while hiring your domestic staff and then take care of them, you will be one of the happiest persons in the world with their services.

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