4 Prominent Reasons Why You Should Install Poolside Screens

Poolside Screen RepairsHaving a pool in the yard is in itself a pride. But it has a number of disadvantages too one of the main among which is that the pool has to be kept clean, hygienic and safe diligently; if you fail in this even slightly, it can be dangerous to yours and your family’s and guests’ health and even life. But you can overcome this disadvantage easily with a poolside screen. Let’s see why you should install a poolside screen.

1. Keeps Dirt and Debris Out

As mentioned earlier, you have to keep your pool clean with care. One of the major hurdles in the cleaning routine is the debris that makes way into your pool. This includes dry leaves, flowers, grass clippings, pine cones and needles, dirt, mulch and so much more. Although the standard pool sweep is useful to remove such type of debris, it takes too long and can wear out your arms. Even pool vacuums are useful but they need upkeep and maintenance.

So, instead of allowing the debris in first and then cleaning it, it’s better to keep the debris out which can be achieved with the poolside screens.

2. Keeps the Annoying Pests Away

The job of cleaning the pool becomes so tedious also because of spiders, frogs, snakes, bees, wasps, mosquitoes and so many other pests. And pests include the larger animals like raccoons, dogs and cats too. A pool screen gives you protection from these.

Thus instead of hiding away inside your home from the blood-sucking mosquitoes and horseflies, you can enjoy sitting beside or swimming into your pool on a pleasant evening, thanks to your pool screen.

Poolside Screen Repairs

3. Cleaning the Pool Becomes Easy

Since various types of debris and pests are kept away from the pool, the pool water is much less dirtied and cleaning becomes much easier. Even the poolside screen repairs and maintenance is easy, so, your headache is reduced even further.

4. More Shade

If your pool is in harsh sunlight, there is always a risk of UV rays causing damage to yours and your children’s skin. A pool screen, though allows sunlight in to some extent, protects you from the harsh UV rays and makes the sunlight much more bearable. This in turn has another advantage that you don’t have to apply sunscreen every 30 minutes and stay dry until it dries.

And do you know that pool screen, since it cuts down sunlight, increases the life of the chlorine added to the pool? This means that the pool screen protects you as well as your pool.

So, have you started planning to install poolside screens?

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