5 Garage Door Repair Tips You Should Know

Garage Door Repair AlexandriaWhile the main entrance of your home is a focal point of people’s attention, your garage door too has equal importance when it comes to catching onlookers’ eye, especially if you have a front-facing garage attached to your home. If your garage door is not working, have dents on it or making harsh noise, the first impression about your house declines fast. But there are simple tricks you can do to maintain the shape of your garage door. Here are a few.

1. Worn Garage Door Bottom Seals

If your garage door bottom seal is old and worn, you can repair it easily and economically within an hour. You just have to remove the seal and reattach. A good seal on the garage door bottom protects it from weather elements and also help it retain heat better.

2. Off-balanced Door

If you are able to lift your garage door a feet off the ground but with one of its ends drooping, not maintaining a straight line, your door has lost balance. This exerts extra pressure on your gears which causes excessive wear or even can result in a break. In that case, there is also a risk of running the door off its tracks. To repair this, you’ll need a professional like Garage Door Repair Alexandria.

3. Repair a Dent

Garage doors, especially in households with kids, have dents which add up over time. But you can repair them easily.

Wash off the dented area with water and soap, and leave it to dry. Then cover the spot with aluminum foil and heat it by running a lighter flame over it. Once it’s heated, spray it with a condense can of CO2. You’ll be surprised to see the dent popping back in place. This results from the extreme change in temperature which can do the trick to small dents. However, for large stubborn dents, you need a professional.

4. Lubrication of Springs and Moving Parts

Make sure you lubricate all rollers, hinges and moving parts with a garage door lubricant, and not WD40 which can result in premature rust. A properly oiled garage door can remarkably reduce any noise issues and keep it opening easily and smoothly.

5. Examine Springs and Cables

Although it’s not advisable to fix springs or cables yourself, you can at least give them a visual inspection twice a year and look for any worn ends or rust in springs, and fraying and rust in cables. If there are signs of any wear, get it fixed by a professional.

With your garage door working smoothly, you don’t have to worry about the looks of your home which will always be impressive.

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