4 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid while Buying a Carpet

Carpet Cleaning BostonCarpets are certainly something luxurious and precious and their purchase is generally done only a few times in one’s lifetime. In that case, mistakes are unaffordable. Here are tips that will help you avoid the regret at buying a wrong carpet or its wrong installation.

1. Measuring Your Square Foot Wrongly

Measuring carpet requirements is much more complex than just adding up the square foot area of your rooms. So many other factors come into play here, including the direction of the carpet pile and the width of the roll of the carpet; so, merely just multiplying your measurements won’t generally give you a precise outcome. You may measure incorrectly or may leave out details like railing posts or closets and then the true cost of the project cannot be determined correctly. It’s a good idea to let a professional visit your home and take the measurements.

2. Choosing Wrong Carpet

While buying a carpet, it’s important to consider your lifestyle. For example, a large family with children and pets will have several different requirements such as an ability to withstand a lot of traffic and frequent cleaning by professionals like Carpet Cleaning Boston, high stain resistance and colors that can hide dirt and pet hair. People living in sunny climates have different requirements like high fade resistance, whereas those living in humid climates may like to have carpets with synthetic fibers so as to develop less mold and mildew.

3. Installing the Carpet Unprofessionally

If you have a simple, square room with no complications involved, you can install the carpet yourself. However, if it’s not the case, you are probably better off having the carpet installed professionally. It’s an everyday job of the professionals to install carpets and they have the required experience, expertise and special tools to do it properly.

Professional installation of carpet is definitely costly, particularly if you have lot of other elements such as railing posts, stairs etc. involved. But it’s worth to spend a little more, because unprofessionally installed carpet will not only look bad but also will it fail to give the desired performance and require replacement sooner than expected.

4. Assuming that All Carpets are the Same

Carpets may look the same, but they are different. So, while comparing quotes from different providers, be sure you compare apples to apples. Make sure you check the fiber, style and quality of each of the carpets. Even you should check the warranties offered by the manufacturers. If one carpet has a 10-year warranty and the other has a 20-year warranty, obviously the quality of both is much different.

Avoid these mistakes and get the carpet you can enjoy for years.

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