5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid to Make Your AC Unit Run Efficiently

Bob Heinmiller Air ConditioningWith the rise in the global temperature, average temperature in even colder areas is increasing and an air conditioner has become a necessity for every home. Unfortunately, a few mistakes can reduce the efficiency of your AC unit, providing poor cooling and increasing your energy bill. Even more worrying is the fact that a poorly maintained AC unit can get contaminated with microbes that may be dangerous when inhaled. So, it’s essential to know these mistakes and rectify them. Here are a few.

1. Not Cleaning or Changing Air Filters

The filter on your central AC unit should be changed at least once every three months and even once a month if your AC is constantly working. If you neglect this task, an unclean filter can cause poor air flow or freezing up of the evaporator coil of your unit. It can also cause your energy bill by 5% to 15% and shorten the unit’s lifespan. Therefore changing filter is advisable because it’s quite cheap.

If your AC unit is of ductless “split” type, it will have a removable panel which will enable you to wipe off the filter with a cloth, so, you don’t need to replace the filter.

2. No Annual Servicing

By watching online videos, you can clean the coils and fins of your AC unit, which is essential to keep your unit working efficiently. Even better is to call a pro like Bob Heinmiller Air Conditioning to service your system annually.

3. Not Taking Full Benefit of Fans

As such any type of fans, but particularly ceiling fans, can cool down the air that circulates through your home. This reduces the workload from your AC system.

4. Not Having a Programmable Thermostat

If you don’t have an extraordinary ability to remember to adjust the thermostat before leaving the home, you should choose an adjustable thermostat which can save hundreds of bucks per year on your energy bill by increasing the temperature automatically at the times when you’re away from home. Programming is made even easier by the modern phone-controllable “smart” thermostats.

5. Cooling Empty Rooms

If your AC vents are open in all the rooms in your home, you’re cooling down some parts of your home unnecessarily. Take a walk around the home and shut vents that open into empty rooms. It’s also recommended to close closet doors so as to make sure those spaces won’t gulp your cold air.

Avoid these mistakes and increase the efficiency of your AC unit, and be cool and relaxed!

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