5 Creative Ways for Using Granite in Your Home

granite tabletopWhen any homeowner thinks about granite, they think of kitchen countertops. But granite is such a material that can be used in many other ways in a home and you can get benefitted from its lavish looks, durability and strength. Here are some ways in which you can make the most of this exceptional material.

1. As a Vanity Top

Just like it is for a kitchen countertop, granite is an apt material for bath vanity. This is because granite is highly resistant to water and mold, and also to bacteria. Bathroom being one of the most used and abused places in a home, it needs an extremely sturdy material for vanity, and granite passes the test. Whether your bathroom is large or small, granite will add the desired elegance and class to it. Visit Dallas Granite for high-quality granite that you can use anywhere in your home.

2. As a Backsplash

Even if you use granite in the kitchen, you need not use it only for the countertop or island, but you can use it as a backsplash as well. This is because granite can easily fight the damage caused by water and grease to the looks and structure of wall material. Whether you have custom-fabricated counter or get the backsplash designed on your own, granite catches any eye and will vow your guests. And if you have countertops and backsplash both made of granite, it offers still more visual consistency and will also save your money and time.

3. For Basin

Even your basin can be made of granite. You can have it in a number of ways, including pedestal sink, under-mount sink or also a modern, angular sink. It offers the same goodness of granite when used as a countertop i.e. resistance to water, bacteria and mold; plus it looks beautiful too.

4. As a Tabletop or Desktop

If you love the looks of granite very much, you can even use it as your tabletop or desktop. Thereby you can give the much desired stylish looks to your formal rooms like home office, dining room or living room.

5. As a Fireplace Mantle

Using granite around fireplace is the ‘hottest’ trend of today, especially as the mantle. The stone looks extremely attractive whether you use it in your living room, kitchen, bathroom or study. A nicely crafted mantle made of granite is a great centerpiece in any of these rooms and can turn the most mundane fireplace into a grand focal point, perfect for congregating for your family and friends.

Plus, granite can even be used for floors. Thus don’t limit this beautiful material to your kitchen and bathrooms. Trigger your creativity and use it anywhere around your house and it will keep pleasing you for years.

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