3 Amazing Tips to Find the Right Location for Your Aquarium

helpusfishYour home is your most beautiful retreat. You’ve decorated it as per your own choice and you’re proud of it. It reflects your personality. But all the decorative objects in your home are non-living. How about adding something live? Yes, I mean a fish tank. An aquarium with colorful fish swimming in clear bubbling water is a great addition to a home’s décor. No wonder, top interior designer Robert Kolenik loves aquariums so much. They not only add to the beauty of your home, but relax you too after a hard day. But where would you place your aquarium? Let’s see if we can get some clues.

1. Visibility and Safety

It’s important to know everything about your fish and websites like helpusfish are expert in that. Next you want to get a look of your dear fish right after entering your home so that you’ll feel elated. So also, it’s important that your guests can look at it and admire it. Thus visibility of the tank matters a lot. So, you can make your aquarium a focal point in the living room or any room where you’ll place it.

However, remember that the entryway or any other high-traffic area may not be the best place to keep it because it could be easily hit by a person or object, and get damaged. Attaining a balance between visibility and safety is the key.

2. Convenience

Convenience is the second most important point to consider while deciding the location of your fish tank. You’ll need to access your tank many times in a day for feeding your fish, turn the aquarium lights on or off, cleaning the tank or any object inside it and so on. So, there should be ample space around the tank so that you can perform your maintenance tasks easily. Thus filling an empty nook or cranny in the room with the tank is not always a good idea. You should make sure if you’re going to get space to maneuver there. Also, ideally you should find a place not only for the tank but for an entire aquarium cabinet which you should get to store various aquarium supplies. Thus if you don’t have a cabinet, you’ll also have to find a place near your aquarium to store the supplies.

3. Sunlight

It’s a common thought that placing an aquarium near a window or under a skylight is best so that it can get natural sunlight. Well, a small amount of sunlight could be beneficial for your aquarium; but putting it directly under sunlight can do worse than good. Direct sunlight will make it challenging for you to maintain the right temperature. Another problem it will cause is an excessive algae growth on your tank walls and decorative objects. Hence it’s a good idea to choose a location where there would be only a little amount of direct sunlight.

Choosing a right location for your aquarium is thus very important. Use these tips and enjoy the company of your fish!

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