Will You Need an Architect for Your Home Remodel?

architectural firms Long Island NYIf you are planning a home remodel and are wondering if you need an architect, understand that a licensed architect will definitely furbish your remodeling job. But there would be a cost of professionalism. So, how do you decide if you need an architect?

What does an Architect Do?

Architects like those in the architectural firms Long Island NY are highly trained in designing, ergonomics and engineering of buildings. At the beginning of a remodeling project, an architect will study your home, listen to your needs and dreams, and then offer solutions and estimated building costs.

Once you settle on a design, the architect will either develop simple floor plans or full blueprints, help you choose a contractor, coordinate with a structural engineer for permitting and oversee or spot check construction to make sure it’s being performed as per the plan.


The larger the remodeling project and the more valuable the house, the more will you need a professional.

If you will be changing the exterior of your house, making significant changes to the inner floor plan or spending over 5% of the home’s value, you’ll need an architect.

Architects as well as contractors can save your money with imaginative usage of space and materials. However, these two professionals usually solve problems in different ways.

While contractors often look for an efficient and rational solution, but doesn’t necessarily take the most aesthetically pleasing or innovative approach, architects usually put forth solutions that provide visual appeal and match and flow with the rest of the house.

Bringing Costs Down

If you are on tight budget and planning a simple project, it’s a good idea to hire an architect who has just started out. They will charge fees that would be proportionate with their experience, which would benefit you.

Or you can choose to hire a draftsman, who can produce technical drawings for half the price, however doesn’t have the expertise required for design and engineering. Here you can save some money; but eventually you’ll have to spend on an architect and a structural engineer to get the design approved before a permit will be issued by your local building authority.

If you can find quality construction on your own, restrict your design professional only up to the blueprint and design phases. But if you don’t know anything, it’s advisable to pay your architect to check ongoing construction known as site visits, which are usually included in the contract with the design professional.

So, have you decided whether to hire an architect for your home remodel?

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